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Purchase Process


We stand for Excellence, Efficiency, and Integrity.

It is our pleasure to assist all customers, trade or private, with their enquiries so please feel free to contact us with your requirements or questions.


Following the receipt of a specific enquiry, a member of our team will source and offer a selection of vehicles closely matching your requirements. Full specification and vehicle particulars will be disclosed as well as numerous images and other relevant information. The customer will also receive our honest and unbiased opinion on each vehicle but we will appreciate and honour your ultimate choice.


Please note that is the case of "New Cars", we may not be able to produce actual photographs of the vehicle.


Once a vehicle is chosen, BCE will carry out a physical inspection of the vehicle and report back with its findings. If acceptable, an invoice will be issued and a 25% deposit* will be required in order to secure the vehicle. The balance of the invoice will then fall due within seven days.

The vehicle will then be prepared and delivered to a shipping agent or the designated port depending on the price option selected by the customer.

Buyers will receive regular progress updates until the vehicle reaches its intended destination in accordance with the price option chosen.

* BCE reserves the right to cancel a deal should the buyer fail to complete the transaction within the agreed time. BCE reserves the right to withhold part or all of the deposit in this instance. Buyer will be responsible for any expenses incurred by BCE in case of cancellation. 

For more information about our services please visit SERVICES page.

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