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We stand for Excellence, Efficiency, and Integrity.

Here is what a few of our customers had to say about us:

Mr. James Bates, Falklands 4x4

This was my first purchase from British Car Exports, and I did have reservations with regards to the logistics of getting my car from Bremerhaven to the Falkland Islands and of paying up front for the vehicle I bought. My mind was very quickly put at ease once I saw my vehicle and I would have no hesitation buying from British Car Exports again should the right opportunity present itself. Thanks for your help.

Automotive Manager

Falklands 4x4

Crozier Place - Stanley - Falkland Islands - FIQQ 1ZZ

Range Rover Sport, TDV6, RHD, from Germany to UK to The Falklands.

Thank you for the fantastic review.

August 2017


Mr. Muhammed Ahmed, Government Procurement Specialist, UAE / Africa

I had the pleasure of doing business with British Car Exports. In my business, I represent various governments in the procurement of their vehicles. Dealing with government, there is no room for error or delays. I had a specific requirement of a luxury vehicle for which was a challenge for me to procure at a fair price..that was until I came across the British Car Exports website and ultimately got in contact with them. The response to my inquiry was instant and they actually had the exact vehicle my client required in-stock and available for immediate delivery. We agreed on the pricing with in minutes (price was great!) and I was explained the full shipping process including the required documents and actual shipping dates. Once I transferred the funds, my client received the bill of lading within 72 hours, and that was it. The vehicle arrived on the precise date I was told in perfect condition with the exact specifications as discussed. I will be using British car Exports for all my future luxury vehicle requirements and I strongly recommend everyone else to do the same. Thank you British Car Exports or your professional and courteous conduct.


Muhammed Ahmed

Government Procurement Specialist

New Range Rover Sport 3.0 SC petrol from Bremerhaven direct to buyer.

Thank you for the kid words and your recommendations.

March 2017. 

Greg McDonnell, Allen, Needham & Co Ltd, Barristers, Solicitors, and Notary Public, New Zealand

Hello again,

The people I have dealt with have been so friendly, professional and cooperative . Gerry from McCulloughs is arranging to courier the spare key to me when it arrives.

Yes the car is registered as a 2015 car, registration number-  J.. .. -very smart.

I have a friend looking for an Audi Q5- are any of those available. 

It is great to keep in touch with you and I am very pleased to have done business with you. 

Warm regards,

Greg McDonnell


Allen, Needham & Co Ltd

Barristers, Solicitors, and Notary Public

April 18, 2015

New and UN-USED Jaguar XJ 3.0 Diesel LWB from UK. We shipped and registered the car in New Zealand.

Thank you for the business and recommendation to your friend. 

John Lowther, Lowthers Chartered Accountants, New Zealand 

Hi Chris


I understand you are contemplating purchasing a vehicle from British Car Exports.


I have recently purchased a new Jaguar XJ from British Car Exports. I had friendly efficient service with prompt communication when required. The car is now here and I am very pleased with it. There were no issues with getting it here which was all organised through the shipping company. All I had to do was drive it away.

I am happy to recommend the service offered by British Car Exports. 


John Lowther

Director (BCom) (MComLaw Hons) (MTaxS Hons)

Lowthers Auckland Limited

March 31, 2015 


New and UN-USED Jaguar XJ 3.0 Diesel LWB from UK. We shipped and registered the car in New Zealand.

Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to recommend our services.

Sean Dean, Company Director, UK

A big thank you to the team, especially Tony and Karla who arranged the shipping and kept us updated on its progress. It was a big decision to buy a £80,000 car without seeing it, even though the saving was considerable, but we shouldn't have worried. We were delighted with the car which was new and as specified. I had expected some sort of problem or issue but there was none. And thank you to the delivery driver who demonstrated all the features. We hope to buy a replacement next year and happy to share our experience with other UK buyers.

Sean Dean

Operations Director

August 14, 2014


Pre-registered but new, LHD, Porsche Cayenne Turbo from the UAE, (shipped and registered in UK).

Thank you for the business and enjoy your car on your European travels.

Donna Silvester, Dealer Principal, Silvester Motor Company, New Zealand

Just a quick note of thanks to you for your great service. Your professionalism and attention to detail, from the introduction of the vehicle, the thorough explanatory photographs and then going the extra mile to ensure that the vehicle made the next shipment is very much appreciated. The vehicle arrived absolutely as described and when the opportunity arises again we would not hesitate but to use your company and your personal services again.

Many thanks – a great experience in the industry.

Kind regards

Donna Silvester

Silvester Motor Company

August 5, 2014


We sourced, purchased, and shipped a Cadillac for Silvester Motor Group of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Thank you Donna and Grant for trusting our judgment and trusting us with your funds!

Hugh Blackley, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Orthopaedic Associates, Auckland

Hi, Happy Easter. Apologies for not getting back to you. The car is fantastic and we had great service from Gerry Claudatos (McCullough Shipping). I am very happy to be a reference for anyone from NZ who is asking. Many thanks. Kind Regards.

Hugh Blackley

April 21, 2014


We sourced, purchased, shipped, and registered a 2013 Range Rover Sport "Black Edition" for Mr. Blackley.

Thank you for trusting our judgment and for the kind words. Thank you for accepting our payment terms.

Voytek Kulezsa, Founding Shareholder at LCM Wealth Management.

British Car Exports is a great company with a incisive and no-nonsense approach to running a successful business. They always displays a positive attitude when presented with problems which they resolves with their can-do approach. We were always delighted with the service and vehicles we purchased from them.

February 1, 2014,

Voytek purchased a Jaguar XJ from us and we maintained his fleet of vehicles. Thank you for your continued support.

Kevin Ringrose, Group HRD at Stock Spirits Group

I met the owner of British Car Exports when I was looking to buy a new car and he was a pleasure to do business with. Very professional, reliable and trustworthy; a man of his word. I would have no hesitation in doing business with him again should the opportunity ever arise.

February 12, 2013


Kevin purchased a 2011 Jaguar XK 5.0, thank you for your kind words and for trusting us by paying for the vehicle in advance.

Mike Mahoney, Managing Director at M-TECH EMBROIDERY MACHINES

I have been a customer of British Car Exports for many years, I bought 12 cars from them and was delighted with every deal, they are professional, helpful, friendly, and above all a thoroughly trustworthy. It was always a pleasure to deal with them i would recommend them to anyone.

Good luck for the future. 

From all a M-TECH.

February 28, 2013,


Mike purchased many vehicles including, BMW 730d, Jaguar XJ8 and X-Type Estate, etc. Thank you for your business and the friendship.

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